Monday, October 31, 2011

海の公園・野島 – Yokohama Bayside Parks


I had a relaxing running on bike from Zushi to visit a couple of parks near Kanazawa Bunko in Yokohama. I first took the road without altitude gains via Mutsuura and went to Nojima. This island has a small hill with vista tower from which one can enjoy 360-degree panoramic view. The hill would serve the neighbors when escaping from tsunami, too. There was also a country house of Hirofumi Itoh by the seashore.
Further across the bridge was Umino-Koen (Sea Park) in a short distance. The park was wide and seemed very good for a comfortable walk. I’ve never been here and had no idea how crowded it would be in the summer.
The return road I chose was via Asahina Pass. In order the go across the railway near Kanazawa-Bunko station, you need to go through the underground road with pedestrians. The slope of Asahina is about 7% but it is less than 1km in distance, so the tough part is rather short. My total running distance was 28km. The attached map of the route starts from Zushi station. Some more pictures are posted in Flickr if interested.

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