Friday, October 7, 2011

A Step to Shimagnolo – シマニョーロへの一歩





I started wiring for Onix bike using a short-reach, shallow-drop bar while hoping to get a stylish and new carbon bar. STI brake/shift levers were mounted on it and Jagwire for the brakes and Shimano SIS for the shifting were chosen as already explained. I got orange-color SIS outer casing to match with the frame.

ST-5700 and Ultegra RD-6700 were already proven when used for CAAD9 while FD-6700 front derailleur was being tested for the first time, which did not work as I hoped. Examining it closely, it seemed not traveling enough the span of its horizontal motion and I thought it could be because of the second-hand product.

As I had nothing to do with it, I picked up desperately the Campagnolo Chorus 11S derailleur that I happened to win in the bid just a few days ago. I had no idea if Shimano STI could manage controlling this Campy even if the front shift function itself is rather simple. I looked into the dimensions of lever mechanism of both products and thought their strokes won’t be extremely far apart each other, so I felt it was worth trying anyway. Eventually, it successfully aligned itself for both extremes of inner-low and outer-top positions. It was not exactly my intent to use a Campagnolo at this moment, but it turned out to be a timely purchase.

Blending two different bloods of Shimano and Campagnolo mechanically can introduce challenging issues because their engineering philosophy of shifting could be very different. Many riders have spent years to deal with this subject, and they call it “Shimagnolo”. It is generally understood that no other products are as reliable as Shimano’s when it comes to functionality, but the product’s appeal (sexiness) can be often the driving motives to use Campagnolo’s among may users. In my case, it exactly is the reason in addition to achieving lighter weight, so my plan after some period of time with Shimano shifting set is to blend Campagnolo front derailleur and levers with Shimano cassette and rear derailleur some day.

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