Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sing-Along Messiah around the World - 世界でメサイアを歌う


Sing-alongではないけど、ネット検索で引っかかった中に、バルセロナのカタロニア音楽堂でKing’s Consortがメサイア演奏会を12月に予定していて、これは垂涎ものだ。

My friend in Toronto asked me if I would come back to sing Messiah this year. Well, I’d like to but cannot afford commuting this distance annually just for singing. Actually, I have an open air-ticket to/from Paris, and I searched what would be possible. It is amazing to see so many sing-along events taking place all over the world. The sing-along booking at Happy Birthday Handel in Germany is already full!
For such events, joining in a huge chorus is nice to experience but when it comes to singing seriously in true sense of achievement, I would prefer taking part in a relatively small group, so I would try one in Kamakura this time because there will be about 400 people only to gather in a smallish hall and it is just so close from where I live. Ideally speaking, it would be wonderful if I could participate in a local concert or something in UK as a temporary and additional choir member.

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