Friday, April 16, 2010

Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork – トレイル・エルゴコルク

今回の熊野古道歩きはトレッキング・ポールなしでは到底踏破できなかったと思う。僕の場合、右膝に問題を抱えていて、長距離走も3キロでギブ・アップ、自転車ツアーや登山をしなくなって久しい。友人からの刺激や本格トレッキングの誘いもあって、様子見の10キロ山歩きを単独で試みるというのは無謀な気もするし、何より不安が先に立つ。下山時に膝が悲鳴を上げるのは悲惨だ。いずれにせよ打開案はトレッキング・ポールしかないということで、友人の勧めに従ってBlack Diamond社のトレイル・エルゴコルクを購入した。

The trekking of Kumano Kodo I had this time could not have been accomplished without trekking poles. In my case, I have a problem with my right knee and I can only run as long as 2 miles. It has been very, very long since I gave up bicycle tours and mountaineering. Stimulations and invitations to extensive trekking by a friend of mine pushed me to try an experimental 10-kilometer trekking all alone that appeared rather reckless in a way, and above all I felt uneasy. The only solution to this looked like trekking poles and I bought Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork following my friend’s recommendation.
I started the trek with anxiety still in my mind, and thus it was an astounding result for me to have accomplished the walk with no damages on my knees. I immediately felt the power and the usefulness of dispersing the load to the third and fourth legs by practicing the poles. This time, unlike old days, the pace was that of an old man confirming each step steadily, and it slowed down especially when the slope was steep regardless uphill or downhill. It needs time but at least the poles work to expand the area of activity as a useful tool of rehabilitation, and I think I can enjoy it now.

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