Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sakurayama Park – 逗子の桜山中央公園



Time has come to watch cherry blossoms! Lots of visitors are in Kamakura, and I went to Sakurayama in Zushi today avoiding the flood of people. The walk starts from Higashi-Zushi station of Yokosuka line. You will see a bigger street in front. Take right, and as you go a little further passing Maruetsu super-market, take a small alley on the other side of the street, and it becomes a gradual ascent. Soon you will see some 50-year old apartment houses on your right; Sakurayama-Danchi which was supposed to be torn down and rebuilt this year, but the budget-shortage of the prefecture postponed the project.
From the entrance of the park are long stairs upward. The park itself is rather small with no particular attractions, so you rest and watch the view for a while, then go further up until the stairs end. There, the driveway is a beautiful promenade of the cherry trees downhill, and it is the main dish of the menu. If you don’t feel like walking back to the station, you can catch a bus for Zushi station down the street, or walk a hundred more meters to the next stop for more frequent bus traffic. Or possibly, you walk all the way to Zushi station for about 20 minutes.

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