Thursday, August 12, 2010

白内障の手術 第1幕 – My Cataract Operation, Act 1


I will have an operation of cataract in October.
It was in the autumn of 2007 when I visited an optical clinic in the neighborhood as I felt the problem of visibility with my left eye, at which time I merely wanted to get a prescription to change my glasses. They examined my eyes carefully even with the eyeground checks, and they saw no particular problems, therefore the prescription at best was like demanding me to live with this difficulty to a certain extent because increasing the degree of compensation would not automatically improve the visibility and because the difference of compensation between the eyes was already on the recommendable limit.
I reviewed how I see the vision, and in addition to the blur, I had tripple images deviated and overlapped which made me really tough to identify the letters in the ads and the faces of the people in distance. It is where the significant difference is from the right eye. I had this discomfort in everyday’s life for last 3 years, and I thought I had to settle it somehow this year: I checked various hospitals in the net including their reputations, and decided to visit a university hospital in Kanagawa prefecture.
The young doctor in charge of visitor-patients examined my eyes to find no major problems and the status of my cataract was said to be in the range of #2 among 5 steps, not too bad for both eyes. The result only confirmed the previous result at the clinic, and it still fails to identify the mechanism of my problem.
At the second visit, the doctor consulted with their cataract expert, and this middle-aged doctor was very quick to decide. He said my left eye was noticeably worse and it seemed it continued to deteriorate judging from my 2-year old glasses. He positively told me that the life would be easier with the operation of both eyes. He also said that my eyeground was quite clean for the age. This is how the things moved on so far.

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