Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Open Lessons in Kusatsu - 公開レッスンを見る


In the Summer Music Festival in Kusatsu, the guest musicians from foreign countries have classes for the youth every year, and we can observe some in their lessons open to the public. I went to a class for cello today.
Tamás Varga, the teacher, gave a half-hour lesson each to 4 students playing Schumann, Brahms and R. Strauss. The students were technically not bad, but there are several challenges in front of them obviously. The accuracy of the keys and the tempo is the fundamental skill for them to master to begin with, and in addition, without refining their analytic ability of melodies and structures, the music will not be attractive enough to the audience. The lessons indeed revealed the performance being a truly creative and difficult task.
And Mr. Varga was a credible teacher. Like an excellent football player who manipulates the ball always around him, the melodies were always within his reach, and he looked so relaxed and enjoyed in playing. Being Hungarian, he appeared to me the true descendant of Janos Starker. His instrument was so different from those of students, too. It had a beautiful sound with rich and clear tones in upper frequencies.

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