Wednesday, August 25, 2010

箱島湧水 - Hakoshima Yusui Spring


I got off at Onogami Station on Agatsuma Line, but there was no information for tavelers. I could only ring up the town office for the directions, and they were very kind explaining the way to Hakoshima Yusui.
Taking right in front of the station, you almost already see a bridge on the left. You go across the bridge and the road will bring you up to another main road with busy traffic. It was about 12 minutes of walk in my case. Then go to the left (in the direction for Shibukawa, Ikaho), and in about 6 minutes you will see a post office on your left and then a Japanese sign plate of “Yusui 900m” on the road. That’s where you make right to the mountain road. The stone statue of Jizo will greet you at the entrance of the road to Hakoshima Fudoson Temple. You may take the asphalt-surfaced road for vehicles but the hikers would take the unpaved road shaded by the trees. After 5 minutes of uphill, the road gets flat and then gradualy recovers its tilt in 5 or 6 more minutes. It was about 30 minutes from the Station to the Spring.
What you see first is a waterfall, and obviously the water is immense. The local people fill a few of portable tanks with water to bring back on the single-wheel dolly, and they told me that it tasted great when they streamed the rice with this water. The stream was very cold, probably as low as 10 degrees C.
This spring is one of hundred selected waters in Japan. There is generally only one train per hour on Agatsuma Line, therefore a 2-hour detour visit to Hakoshima would be easy to be planned, but you should consult with the timetable carefully because in the daytime there are less trains.

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