Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zushi Beach - 逗子海岸

スタバでは迷わずコーヒーゼリー・フラッペチーノを注文し座る場所を確保する。逗子駅前のスタバはラ・マレ・ド・チャヤとスペースを分け合っているので、コーヒーと若干マシなケーキ類とを組み合わせて食べることもできる。飲むあいだ何か音楽でも聴こうとiPodを取り出し、バッハのヴァイオリン協奏曲を聴く。iPod には諏訪内晶子の演奏も入っているが、アンネ・ゾフィー・ムターにした。曲が終わると僕は店を出たが、しばらく休憩したのにシャキッとしないのは熱中症になりかけなのかなあ・・・

Mid-summer Sunday. Young people flow to Zushi beach in this season. Also, noticeably many Americans come here, too. I don’t know why though.
After 2 o’clock, I walked about 20 minutes to the beach, as I had to go out for shopping. I did not prepare for swimming, and it was unfortunate because this hot weather could cause hyperthermia just by walking in the beach, so I decided not to stay longer and walked instead to the Starbucks in front of the station to rest.
I ordered a coffee-jelly frappuccino immediately and managed to get a seat. Starbucks near Zushi station shares the space with La Marée de Chaya therefore you can have a coffee and a better choice of cake if desired. I picked up my iPod to listen to something while I had the frappuccino, and played Bach’s violin concerto. Akiko Suwanai was among the collection but I chose Anne-Sophie Mutter this time. When the music ended, I stood up to go out into the heat, and I felt I was half-hyperthermic despite the cool rest.

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