Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tokyo Summer – 灼熱の日

The heat in Tokyo is incessant. It hit 38.1 degrees Celsius in Nerima, Tokyo yesterday, and I was there unfortunately because my daughter’s family occupy my Zushi home to let the kids play in the pool and the beach with some of their friends this week, and in exchange I stay in our old house in Nerima.
It is said that the massive summer heat accumulated in the central Tokyo tends to be pushed up north by the wind from the sea: That is why Nerima and neighboring Saitama get heated. At 37 or 38 degrees, it is hard to breathe without an air-conditioner under the environment without much green, and thus everybody runs the air-conditioners to make the situation even worse. If you fail to pay the electricity fee, you won’t survive.
Because of this, my wine cellar box exceeded 20C and it didn’t get cooler, so I threw in some frozen coolants. A very tough summer for my wines, too.


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