Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ikuyo Nakamichi Plays for Children – 仲道郁代とプレイエル


I went to Kanagawa Music Hall today for a Chopin concert for children. Like the concert the other day, Ikuyo Nakamichi played Pleyel built in the era of Chopin, and she explained how the pianos were different in a great depth playing Valse du Petit Chien on both pianos for comparison. It must have been an exciting and interesting program for children having piano lessons.
I supposed the Pleyel used this time was the one owned by Yamaha, but it was explained that the instrument came from Osaka. The man tuning it appeared as the owner, and he said that he had been looking for a Pleyel that retained the original condition and made all the efforts to maintain it with repair parts of the same period. This piano was built in 1846 and its tone sounded to me with less harmonics than Mr. Arita’s Pleyel built in 1839. Since the halls were quite different, I am least confident how accurately I could hear such difference though.
Modern pianos sound very metallic in contrast to the old Pleyel that provides more wooden flavor. It is simply my poor thought but it appeared to me that the play style with clear articulation and arpeggio fitted well with the old Pleyel and therefore it could be said that the instrument may be closer to playing a harpsichord in a way.

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