Friday, August 6, 2010

Hiroshima in 65 Years - 65年目のヒロシマ

With Ambassador Roos participating the Peace Anniversary today, USA finally came to Hiroshima on August 6 for the first time in 65 years. Also present in the ceremony were Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of UN, and representative ambassadors from UK and France. For the citizens of Hiroshima, including myself having mother and sister as hibakusha, it is definitely another memorable and significant step forward after Barack’s speech in Prague, because such A-bomb holding majors as US, UK and France had not accepted Mayor's invitation to August 6 ceremony in the past. Still the fundamental gap might be large between hibakusha’s mentality and US people’s perception, as I thought that the webpage of US Embassy in Japan was an ironical example earlier in the morning: the top article in their Japanese page was John Roos visiting Hiroshima for the ceremony, but there was not a single mention of it in the corresponding English page. Now at a later time, they have posted it (to my relief).


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