Monday, August 23, 2010

Transportation to Kusatsu Hot Springs – 草津温泉への足は?

Kusatsu is definitely one of the best places in Japan to enjoy “Onsen” experience. First of all, the water quality of the hot springs is superb. And secondly, situated in 1000-meter high mountains, the visits are worthwhile in variety of seasons; the cool summer, the autumn with colorful leaves, or even the snowy winter for skiing and the greenery spring. Its accessibility from Tokyo is another merit: While the buses are conveniently available to/from Shinjuku, the most economical is the Spa Resort Liner bus, once in the morning, from Tokyo and Shinjuku stations for only Y2,000. If you stay at Nakazawa Village, their transportation service from Tokyo is even cheaper. The Spa Resort Liner also runs from Karuizawa (@11:40/16:30, Y1,000), then a Shinkansen from Tokyo is an efficient option to couple with it, or you may combine a short visit at Karuizawa before taking 16:30 liner. In our case, we love to take a slow train to Takasaki and transfer to local Agatsuma Line for Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi (then 25-minute bus) which costs Y3,610.


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